I believe the world is a better place when people's stories are heard; this fosters empathy, understanding and progress. Whether it's done visually or verbally, my passion is communicating through story. 

I got my start as a journalist, and my writing brought me to opposite ends of the US, into Africa, and finally, to Japan, where I lived for three years working as a journalist. The more I travel and the more people I meet, the more enthralled by story I become. I'm currently based in New London, Connecticut.

Though I started as a writer, I've since branched into photography and entrepreneurship. I relish the ways a visual story adds dimension verbal ones don't. My company, Tuli, brings products made by impoverished women in Uganda to a global market, bringing stories of their lives and dreams for prosperity along with them.

I feel lucky every time a client entrusts me with their story. Whether its photographing pivotal moments, tackling a journalism assignment or helping a business find its voice, nothing brings me more satisfaction than communicating a message effectively.