Tokyo Proposal: Emory and Tomo

Emory's been a good friend of mine ever since I met her at a shoot for Tuli, and I'm so grateful that our chance meeting turned into a solid friendship. Her fiancé, Tomo, left Japan temporarily to study at Northeastern State University in Oklahoma, where the two met. After graduation, Emory and Tomo moved to Japan together, and I'm so glad they did!

Tomo and I spent about six weeks planning this proposal (and I spent about six weeks avoiding Emory to make sure I didn't spill the beans!), which was at the famous Ashikaga Flower Park. Tomo put a lot of thought into the details of his proposal; his drive to make it perfect really is testament to how much he loves Emory. I've gotten to know both Emory and Tomo during my time in Japan, and I've seen firsthand how much they care for each other and who well their personalities complement each other. I'm so excited for their future together!