Commercial work: Brosily Bath & Body

This week, I finished a commercial job for Brosily Bath and Body, a company I've fallen in love with.  Its founder, Navine Acevedo, sells an artisanal line of soaps, body butters and balms that are crafted with the skin's health in mind.

I've been using Brosily's  Le Noir charcoal activated soap for about a week now, and I kind of can't believe my eyes. My skin is so soft and pretty! My skin doesn't react kindly to stress, and this week has been a doozy. Right now, I'm running two businesses, preparing to launch an entirely new product line for Tuli, finishing my master's degree, and prepping to move from Connecticut to Hawaii (in two weeks!).

Let's just say getting more than a few hours of sleep each night is a triumph for me right now. This soap is my new lifeline to prevent me from looking like death walking when my sleep dips below an ideal level. 

Aside from the products being good for your skin, they smell incredible. I love knowing that they're made using natural ingredients and in a cruelty-free way. Here are some of my favorite photos I took for Brosily: