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My company, Tuli, fights poverty by creating sustainable jobs in Uganda. We sell handmade jewelry to an international market and pay fair, living wages to the Ugandan women who make our products. I believe economic development is the key to fighting poverty.

After working with several nonprofit organizations and learning that the bulk of their time is spent fundraising, and later traveling to several developing countries, I realized that charity, while noble, won't solve the problem of poverty for good. So much money has been pumped into developing nations, but not much has changed.

In 2014, I was sent to Uganda on a writing assignment, and while there, I met the first artisans of Tuli. Together, we redesigned their products and targeted them to an international market. Since then, I've worked to grow Tuli's team, revenues and impact.

I started Tuli in my spare time, with no seed money. Everything, from our website and photo shoots to our marketing and accounting, was bootstrapped. Because I did mostly everything myself in the beginning, I learned to develop a business efficiently and as inexpensively as possible.

Now, I help other businesses grow quickly and in a cost-effective manner. I know from experience how daunting it can be to evaluate the costs of starting a business, but I also know from experience that shelling out thousands of dollars isn't necessary. I can teach you how I built my successful business in a highly competitive market with just a few hundred dollars. Or, I can help you develop your website and marketing plan at a fraction of the cost large agencies charge.